Against the current of "Islamic finance" as currently used we return to religious sources in a scientific way our reasoning is based on evidence. Thus we have developed our research methodology in accordance with the Qu'ran and the Hadiths whose writings are available here on our research & development blog.

We have also developed our own certifying training academy on 3 levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and offer free (on pre-registration twice a year) level 1 of the training "the basics of finance according to Muslim law" composed of 3 Riba/Zakat/Baraka modules.

Ils parlent de nous


We make your financial & commercial operations compliant with Islamic law. Whether it is budget management, your taxes, the creation or development of your business, the calculation of Zakat with or without late payment, the drafting of your legal documents (general conditions of sale) or their proofreading in order to make them compliant through written consultations we are at your disposal to answer all your questions thanks to your 15 minutes offered by telephone.

Nos partenaires


Asma Consulting is a business firm created and managed by Asma Oudina, doctoral student at Horizons University (2nd year of research) in international entrepreneurship, graduated with a Master 2 in banking/finance from the University of Evry (Paris Saclay) whose Master was ranked in the top 10 of the best masters in finance in 2013. You can visit his profile and his expertise directly from his Linkedin page here

You can also get his first book released in 2013 called "How to get rich licitly while keeping his human values" at his publishing house Dictus Publishing or at Fnac and Amazon